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We know that in the hospitality business it is hard to reach success without talent, enthusiasm and commitment. In order to be experts in the service we provide we place our assets at the forefront of our business, that is, our people. We value our reputation greatly and for that reason we are dedicated to maintain a culture of community, professionalism, creativity and teamwork.

Our Company

We are the specialists in the hospitality industry, aiming to offer our guests only delightful experiences of exceptional value. One our main objectives is to spread the recognition of prime leading brands in the Baltic’s and Central & Eastern Europe as a sphere of excellence that manages and operates the finest hotels located in vibrant hearts of the city. Our goals, views and values are the cornerstone of our personalised service provided on the behalf of our guests through which we aim to satisfy the differing needs of our customers.

Our Beliefs and Values

We believe in seeking perfection through our greatest talent, our people. Our teamwork, enthusiasm and company values aim to sustain transparency and brand culture that drives excellence when it comes to fulfilling the needs of frequent business and individual travellers. This directs us to the essence of Europa Royale a reliable personalised service where “We’ll take care of the rest”. The Europa Royale concept is focused on providing the guest with access to convenience in safe, prestigious and central locations.

”Our guests are the forefront of our concern“

”Our resources lie in our people, reputation and identity”

”Our goal is to provide brilliant personalised service to our guests”

”We receive satisfaction in professionalism and value of work”

”We emphasize creativity in hospitality”

”We offer our employees a culture, community and progression”

”We emphasize teamwork and accuracy in everything we do”

”The enthusiasm and commitment of our people underlines our success”

”Our industry is vastly competitive and we assertively seek to expand guest relationships”

”Integrity, reliability and honesty are at the heart of our hospitality service”

Our Success

Our success is based on excellent communication, transparency and clear understanding between our hotel staff and guests’ needs. This allows us to monitor, improve and innovate for our differing customers' needs and provide extra value. Our model warrants fair accomplishment to our employees, customers and the company’s long term future.

Our Behaviour

We cherish our beliefs and carry them out into practise by setting out examples and treating each other as you would treat yourself. We seek to interact with our guests, associates, employees in a way that we would relate with others.