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Amrita, Liepaja Hotels

Business lunch

Business Lunch Menu

valid from 10th till 14th of December between 12:00 till 16:00


Soup or Salad

Soup of the day – 2,00 EUR

Mexican bean and corn salad – 2,40 EUR

Cheese salad – 2,40 EUR


Main course

Vegetable pudding with cheese sauce served in a pot – 3,20 EUR

Liver balls with mashed potatoes and onion sauce – 3,20 EUR

Breadcrumb, cheese and garlic wrapped sea bass with fried vegetables and Tartar sauce – 3,80 EUR

Chicken gyros with french fries and garlic sauce – 3,80 EUR

Grilled pork vith boiled- fried potatoes and mustard sauce – 3,80 EUR

* If You want to change the side dish of the main course, the additional charge of 1,00 EUR will be added to Your bill (boiled, mashed or fried potatoes, French fries, rice, fresh or fried vegetable) 



Chocolate tart with peppermint cream - 2,20 EUR

If meals are ordered from Business Lunch Menu, we offer to order drinks for special prices:


Water with lemon 0.5l – 0,50EUR

Carrot - grapefruit juice – 1,50 EUR

Kefir with herbs – 0,90 EUR

Coffee, tea – 0,90 EUR

Bon appetit!