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Restaurant menu

Restaurant OSKARS logo

Developed by Chef Kaspars Jansons

Salads and appetizers


Caesar salad

      with bacon

      with chicken breast

      with tiger shrimps

      owner’s style – with bacon, chicken breast and tiger shrimps


5,80 EUR

6,50 EUR

10,00 EUR

11,50 EUR

Greek salad Vegetarian

5,80 EUR

Latvian goat’s cheese truffles, pickled beetroot, hazelnut vinaigrette dressing Vegetarian

8,50 EUR

Grilled Halloumi cheese, leaf and vegetable salad, balsamico pearls

9,50 EUR

Guacamole bruschetta with bacon wrapped shimeji mushrooms

8,50 EUR

Fried tiger prawns, avocado cucumber salad, lime, sesame and vinaigrette dressing

8,50 EUR

Baked camembert cheese, tiger prawns, cherry tomato confit, rosemary croutons

11,50 EUR

Beef carpaccio, capers, Parma cheese, truffle oil

12,00 EUR

Creamy julienne

      with mushroom

      with shrimp

      with chicken

4,50 EUR




Rich fish broth soup, served with sour cream (catfish, cod, ocean perch, tiger prawns)

9,50 EUR

Spicy seafood soup with rice noodles

5,00 EUR

Parsnip-leek cream soup with Cheddar cheese chips and pine nuts Vegetarian

4,50 EUR

Hungarian goulash soup

5,00 EUR


Main course


Salmon, steamed in white wine papillote, vegetables, herb capers butter

14,00 EUR

Baked butterfish, fennel-pear salad, remoulade sauce

12,50 EUR

Baked halibut in creamy sauce with hard cheese, cherry tomatoes, potato mash

15,50 EUR

Grilled balsamic-rosemary pork fillet, warm potato salad

7,90 EUR

Grilled duck breast, honey glazed root crops, spinach, orange butter sauce

13,70 EUR

Lamb steak with lemon and honey, eggplant puree, balsamic reduction sauce

15,00 EUR

Beer braised beef cheek, potato mustard mash, pickled ceps, red wine sauce

16,00 EUR

Coconut marinated chicken-mango ballotine, warm asian salad, curry-lemon grass sauce

9,50 EUR

PLANKET STEAK –  beef fillet steak with Bearnaise and red wine sauces and roast mashed potatoes, served on an oak plank

22,00 EUR / 16,50 EUR

Osso Buco (veal shank), fresh cheese polenta, mushroom ragout

18,00 EUR

Roast poussin breast, pearl couscous, kale, cherry tomatoes, Chedar cheese sauce

14,50 EUR

Barley – lentil stew with fried  bottle pumpkin and goat cheese Vegetarian

7,50 EUR

Penne, zucchini, sun dried tomato, goat cheese, rucola, almond, creamy hard cheese sauce Vegetarian

8,00 EUR

Tagliatelle, tiger prawns, vegetable chiffonade, creamy caper sauce

14,00 EUR

Pappardelle marinara with seafood

12,00 EUR

Cannelloni with Bolognese and mozzarella cheese

8,50 EUR

Liepaja’s Mencini (Cod) – dried local cod with creamy potatoes and onion in a special pot

8,50 EUR




Almond pear tart, mascarpone orange cream

5,00 EUR

Greek yoghurt cheese cake with cherries

4,00 EUR

Dark chocolate fondant, blackberry sauce, lavender - plombir ice cream

5,00 EUR

Ice cream selection

3,50 EUR

Caramel cake with Bird’s milk and walnuts

4,00 EUR

Creme brulee

3,50 EUR